Enchanting nature trail in Agios Dimitrianos

An oasis of beauty and spirituality

The path is located in the idyllic village of Agios Dimitrianos in the Paphos district, about 20 kilometres from Paphos town. It runs at an altitude of about 550 metres along the road to Panagia. The path was created as a result of a joint effort funded by the Cypriot government, the European Union and the Agios Dimitrianos Municipal Council. It started with an application by the Municipal Council to the Cyprus Rural Payments Agency under the Rural Development Plan.
The path is named after the natural water springs that bubble along the route and are known as “Arnie”. In 2023, work started on the modernisation and maintenance of the nature trail thanks to funding from the European Union and in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism.

Description of the hiking route

The circular trail is about 3 to 4.5 kilometres long, depending on the route chosen by the walkers. Single sections of the longer trail are quite steep. Some steps may restrict access for people with disabilities. Alternatively, it is possible to choose the shorter 3 km route.


Various amenities are strategically placed along the trail to enrich the walker’s experience, such as:

– Benches with viewpoints to rest on.
– Rest areas with views of the landscape
– Litter bins to dispose of waste
– Signposts with directional information
– toilets
– Cafeteria/coffee shop
– Two pavilions with tables for eating and one with a bench.

During the walk, visitors experience magical moments and can learn about the trail and the local flora from the information boards along the way.

The trail begins at a historic water basin once used by locals to water their livestock. Today we find charming domed stone fountains with basins at this site. In front of this backdrop is a lovely stone-paved square, and further here are:

– the old primary school, converted into a cafeteria
– the offices of the local council
– a generously equipped playground for the children
– a boules court
– the village church dedicated to Saint Dimitrianos.

A little further on, between the roots of an old olive tree, is a small cave where, according to legend, Saint Dimitrianos lived an ascetic life. This quiet place invites visitors and pilgrims to light a candle and pray. A clearly visible plaque provides information about the life of Saint Dimitrianos, which is documented in the church records and passed down from generation to generation through local traditions.

From this idyllic setting, you enter a community park where the path leads to an impressive wooden pavilion that blends harmoniously into the natural landscape. A stone fountain at the side and a well-covered wooden table invite you to linger and perhaps even eat.

The path continues, interspersed with flat sections, past vineyards, farms and steep slopes with lush scrub, shrubs and occasional trees, to an area with panoramic views. Depending on their physical condition, hikers can then choose between the shorter and the longer route. On the longer route, there is an ascent of about 500 metres, which necessitated the construction of natural steps made of wood and local stones to make the walk easier for hikers.

Walkers on the longer route will encounter the village’s unique and abundant water sources known as “Arnie”. In the past, locals used these springs to drink water, wash their clothes, irrigate their fields and water their animals.
From here, hikers come to the second junction with a shorter and a longer route. On the longer route, they can still visit the centuries-old olive tree, estimated to be over 500 years old.
At the end of the path, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the village and the surrounding area and then return to the village with stone walls, traditional stone houses and narrow streets. On a short rest of the trail, visitors return to the starting point enriched by a variety of emotions and experiences. Such experiences can help create a deeper connection with nature, spirituality and our fellow human beings.

Goals and Objectives

The main objective of the Agios Dimitrianos Municipal Council was to create this mountain path as a tool to strengthen and revitalise the village, which has experienced a gradual decline in recent years. Combined with the creation of a cafeteria and a playground that meets all the necessary safety precautions, this project aims to counteract the negative effects of the departure of the former inhabitants from the mountain villages to the cities and to encourage their return to the homeland they left years ago due to the poor living conditions.

Such projects also have a positive impact on tourism as they meet the needs of both local and international visitors. They also contribute significantly to promoting environmental awareness and well-being.

Experience this unique oasis of nature and explore the rich landscape and captivating history. Agios Dimitrianos invites you to discover and enjoy!

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